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All Your Services Are Free?

May 10th 2017

Yes, to put it simply. You may have heard there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, but the fact that we provide all of our services for free is legit. No fine print. No surprise after you walk through our doors. We are here for you, to provide the services you need…even some you may not know you need.

How? Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit organization. This means that we are supported by a variety of sources in the community. This also means that our focus is you, the client, not our bottom line. Our stake in providing testing, counseling, and follow-up visits is simply because you are valuable. The faces you see working in our clinic all have a story. Many of us have experiences similar to you and we know what it means to have [and not have] authentic support and help. Your story is unique and at the same time, our experiences can help us walk with you.

Who pays the bills? Yes, we have bills. That’s life. But, there are people in the community who care about you. They know that there are individuals who need help, don’t have the means of getting help, and they want to be a part of positively impacting the St.Cloud community. They believe in us and believe in the services and help we provide. Our donors come from three primary places: individuals, businesses, and churches. Your neighbor gives monthly. A local marketing company sponsors an event. A radio that advertises for us. A church gives a portion of their budget towards us as loving their neighbors, our clients, you. Past clients who have been through our doors, been loved and impacted, want the same for others.

The More You Know. Making the right choice means having as much information in front of you as possible. For me, it means being authentic, open, and welcoming to this type of question. It’s seeking clarity. It’s a question that I do not shy away from answering. Because the community supports us financially, our minds are focused on the important: you, your story, and the opportunity to be there for you. That action of many in our neighborhood, for your benefit, is heard through our message: YOU matter…you truly do.

 Blog post written by Colin, Development Director




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Summer Hours:
Monday - Friday 10-4 pm.

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Pregnancy Resource Center is located just blocks between St. Cloud State Campus and the Chipotle on Division Street. Suite 170 on the 5th Ave South, We're the one with the "YOU MATTER" sign in the windows. We are here to help!

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