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You’re Moved In. Now What?

September 1st 2016

College move-in euphoria has likely worn off by now. You are settled in, have learned your way around, and nearly memorized that class schedule. So now what? Friends and family prepared you to move in and find your way on campus. Did they condition you to thrive through the rest of the year? If not, here are a few:

Don’t put off studying to finals week. You don’t have to hole yourself up in your room, but create a discipline of studying throughout the week. Take it from a notorious procrastinator, don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today. My senior year I spent my entire Thanksgiving break working on my final project for a class. Was that my vision for the holidays? Um…NO! It was awful and unneccessarily stressful! Break your studying up throughout the week so it’s more manageable. And don’t put projects off to the last minute. It’s not worth it.

The word “no” is not a swear word. It’s okay not to say yes to everything. Of course try new things, go to campus events, and hang out with your friends. But don’t burn out because you can’t say no. You have to realize your personal limits. If you have a huge test tomorrow, study for the test first before hanging out with friends. Don’t suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It’s better to take care of yourself and get things done. More activites and events are always on the horizon.

Remember: Having healthy boundaries is a sign of respect for yourself. Never feel like you have to say “yes.” What’s most important is taking care of yourself and continuing to grow.

Get involved. I know I just said have boundaries and learn how to say “no.” However, once you get personal boundaries figured out, I believe strongly in getting involved on campus. You will likely have more free time now than you have had lately. So join a club, student government, a fraternity/sorority, or hit up your dorm events. Some of the best decisions I made were when I got involved with student groups. Not only will you make friends, but many groups grow your leadership skills, provide unique adventures, offer volunteer opportunities, and help build a resume.

You can always start over. For some people, the first weeks of college can be filled with regret. Maybe you didn’t make friends right away. Perhaps you are already missing class or behind on homework. Or you could have made some lifestyle choices you aren’t too proud of. Yeah, I get that! When I started college I thought, “I can be anyone I want to be.” But in trying to be this amazing someone else, I almost lost who I really was. The voice of the crowd can be deafening, but you don’t always have to follow. Here’s a bonus tip: don’t compare yourself to others. You are amazing just the way you are. The gifts you have, your experiences, and prior knowledge have shaped you to be unique. You matter. Don’t try to be someone else. Try new things, be adventurous, but don’t steer to far from who you are. It can be a hard and painful journey back. That being said, if you have made some mistakes it’s never too late to start over. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and move on.

If some of those lifestyle choices or relationships have you, you know…worried, Pregnancy Resource Center offers FREE pregnancy and STD testing. No judgement. Completely confidential. We also offer Life Coaching and a mentorship program if you could use help starting over.  Call or text to learn more.

Our clinic is open weekdays 10-5 pm. We encourage our clients to make an appointment, but walk-ins are also available as appointments are open.

Call or Text to schedule 320-434-1772.


Blog Post written by Brittany, Resource Director


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