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All Your Services Are Free?

May 10th 2017

You may have heard there is no such thing as a "free lunch", but the fact that we provide all of our services for free is legit.


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The Real Adventure Begins

March 10th 2017

“I’m finally free. I can be anyone,”

I thought to myself as a naïve college freshman. What I didn’t realize was the decisions I would make on the road to self-discovery would forever shape me.

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Are There Any Risks?

January 26th 2017

Text Box:  You are young. You feel invincible. The phrase, “fly by the seat of your pants” is your life’s motto. While fun in theory, this carefree way of living can have its risks and sometimes its consequences...




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Life Coaching: Empowerment to Make Long-Term Changes

November 18th 2016

Text Box:  We were created and designed to live purposefully and intentionally, but for most people, these things do not come easily or naturally.  At Pregnancy Resource Center we are excited to launch our certified Life Coaching program free of charge for our clients.  Coaching is not giving advice but guiding you to discover the answer for yourself. The tools of coaching lead you to identify the core of what you desire so you can live powerfully.

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You’re Moved In. Now What?

September 1st 2016

Text Box:  College move-in euphoria has likely worn off by now. You are settled in, have learned your way around, and nearly memorized that class schedule. So now what? Friends and family prepared you to move in and find your way on campus. Did they condition you to thrive through the rest of the year? If not, here are a few college tips:

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You Matter

August 4th 2016

Do you ever feel like you are worthless or nothing you do is right? Like no one understands you or is ever really listening?

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She's Pregnant. What Do You Do?

July 18th 2016

Someone confides in you she’s pregnant. What do you do? Whether you are a friend, family member, or father of the baby, your response to this news is vital. Here are some tips from an article called “Tiny Blue Lines” we thought were helpful. Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy enter a state of shock that is very real.  Realize that she is in a crisis.

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When Longevity is Rare, Why Stay There?

June 3rd 2016

Welcome! I’m Julie, and people have asked me why I have stayed as Executive Director of PRC for so long (27 years). With the millennial generation changing jobs every few years, longevity like this certainly is becoming rare.

My simple answer is that I cannot think of a better place to work than with an organization as important as this one.

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Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic

Pregnancy Resource Center is located just blocks between St. Cloud State Campus and the Chipotle on Division Street. Suite 170 on the 5th Ave South, We're the one with the "YOU MATTER" sign in the windows. We are here to help!

Downtown St. Cloud Location:
chat 305 5th Ave South
Suite #170
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Walk-ins welcome
as appointments are avilable.

Clinic Hours:
(starting Mon., August 21, 2017)
Mon - Fri

10am - 5pm

callCall 320-253-1962 or
Text 320-434-1772


Long Prairie Location:
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